Rock Ridge VDC - Takes 4D Visual Planning Communication to the NEXT LEVEL

  • Focus on Critical Elements and Sequences

  • Visually Show Defined Areas with Color and Labels

  • Add Non Architectural Construction Elements such as Scaffolding and Construction Equipment such as Cranes

  • Show Special Considerations for the work at a specific time

A Clear and Concise Plan  =  Efficiency = Delivering the project on TIME and under BUDGET  = More Profit $$ 


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Synchro 4D Construction Simulations

The days of trying to communicate with gantt charts are over.  Our Synchro 4D Construction Simulations allow for visual review of the project plan.  These visuals communicate the plan to a larger audience and are much more effective than a gantt chart.  We Synchronize schedules with the 4D visual and can quickly view changes as they occur.  Create visual comparisons of "Baseline" and "What-If" schedules.  Show defined areas with labels and color.  Focus on critical areas.  Show Non-Architectural Elements sunch as Scaffolding and Construction Equipment such as cranes and view spacial considerations at specific points in time. 


Benefits of using Synchro

  • Imports files of Primavera P6 and MS Project.
  • The system imports through API 's full schedule (relationships, Gantt, resources, costs).
  • Changes made in the imported schedule, weather dates, predecessors, successors and new activities can be exported back to P6 Project- does not require rework or changes to the original schedule
  • Allows the creation of activities from the model, i.e., can select the model object and automatically generate the activity.
  • Allows the user to allocate multiple objects of the model for the same activity regardless of the nomenclature used in the activity or model objects.
  • Allows Syncing between new versions and / or 3D objects review, without losing the links established between the model and the schedule.
  • The model of the objects are assigned as new features in the imported schedule, bringing better functionality in the executive verses detailing the time allocated for the activity.
  • AVI animations with audio and video

Benefits of using Synchro

  • Makes critical path analysis. Allows the creation of multiple baselines, allowing you to compare the different situations. Allows viewing between baseline and current programming on the same plane.
  • Allows the change of relationships (predecessor and successor) and exports to the schedule.
  • Allows the creation of resources and apply values, enabling integration between the information available on the project.
  • Through URL is possible to perform links with documents or external systems.
  • Imports Codes of spring, allowing analysis and specific filter
  • Allows editing of 3D objects (cut) and creation of specific solid
  • Generates graphs of Use Resources, Earned Value, Balance Line, etc.
  • Allows viewing and generating different 4D viewpoints with different situations as planned, current, proposed and baseline simultaneously.
  • List of Activities and Gantt chart, 3D views, marked review, resource utilization and Balance Line.